Perspective is everything.

Last year I went rafting on the south fork of the american river. As the guide prepped us he gave us a bit of advice that has stuck with me since this trip.  He said that it would be very loud as we navigate the rapids and if by chance one of us were to fall out of the raft he would point in the positive direction of where you need to swim. In other words, he wasn’t going to point at the danger you need to avoid, rather the place you need to get to.

Lately I’ve been realizing just how much we tend to fixate on the negative things in our lives to our own detriment. We expend so much energy on a daily basis pointing out the flaws in ourselves, each other, our leaders, and our world that we can’t even function. We operate out of fear of the obstacles and not the freedom of the gifts right in front of us. 

Where can you refocus your perspective on the positive things in your life?  

What has become such an obstacle that you can’t see the way out right in front of you?

Are you willing to listen to the people who are giving you a way out?